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Fibre Cement Roofings and Concrete Components Enterprise (NAVI I)

Address:  18F Tang Nhon Phu Str., Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel:          (84-28)  3731 3991
               (84-28)  3731 3443 (ext. 27)
Fax:         (84-28)  3731 3641
Email:      naviinfo@navifico-corp.com
Website:  http://navifico.vn/

Labor:         110
Land area: 8.500 m2

   - Corrugated fibre cement sheet: 1520 x 920 x 5 mm
   - Coloured corrugated fibre cement sheet: 2440 x 920 x 5 mm
   - Flat fibre cement sheet: 1500 x 1000 x 5 mm
We can provide the above products with the dimension at customer's request.

The cappacity of fiber cement corrugated sheet : 5 million m2/year
The advantages of the products:
Thermo resistance, noise resistance, humid-salty air resistance especially in the coastal area. The fibre cement products are conformed to the Vietnam Standard TCVN 4434:2000

Vietnam Standard TCVN 4434:2000
   - Length: 1520mm (+10/-10mm)
   - Width: 910mm (+10/-5mm)
   - Thickness: 5mm (+0.5/-0.3mm)
2. Depth: 51mm (+2/-2mm)
3. Pitch: 177mm (+2/-2mm)
4. Height of 2 sides
   - Descent side (Hod): 8 - 15mm
   - Ascent side (Hom): 42 - 49mm
5. Break load - After 28 days (wet) min. 3,500 N/m
6. Watertigtness > 24 hours
7. Mass Density min 1.5g/cm3

Production line
   - Modern production line with the corrugation technology from France.
   - Seft-contained production line from preparing, feeding, mixing materials ensuring a safe, clean and light airy environment.

NAVI I activities:
   - Transfer technology and installing a modern fibre cement production line for a fibre cement company in Hanoi.
   - PVA fibre product trial cooperation with Elkem Materials (Norway) and Institute for Building Materials (Vietnam)
   - Export coloured fibre cement boards to African market.