New Products: PVA fiber cement roofing

In the year of 2007, the NAVIFICO's marketing staffs backed Vinh Chau District, a coastal District of Soc Trang Province, visiting the families have used PVA fiber cement roof sheet (PVA-C) sheets for their houses for more than 3 years ago ( Feb 2004). The product was chosen using for the house settlement project in the areas of mangrove forests and coastal mangrove Provinces in theMekong Delta River. The project was supported by World Bank that has used more than 12,000 PVA roof sheets from NAVIFICO.

The Project Board has selected the product because the PVA-C roof sheets has met the requirements that the roofs must be durable and withstand harsh climates of coastal salt air areas. Furthermore, reasonable prices and friendly environment are the strong points of these kind of sheets. At that time (2004), NAVIFICO was the first which carried out the trial tests and manufacturing PVA-C corrugated roof sheets in Vietnam.

When coming back the residential area again, the scenery here was quite changed and more beautiful. The concrete road running parallel to the straight rows of houses, all roofed with PVA-C sheets looked bright and nice. The staffs share the pleasure with the people who satisfied the PVA-C roof sheets that were stable on the roof, no leaks and cracks.

Residential area Vinh Chau, Soc Trang with PVA-C roof sheets (2003)



Institute for Building Materials visiting Residential area Vinh Chau, Soc Trang (2007)

It can be said that NAVIFICO PVA-C roof sheets meet the requirements: lightweight, noise insulation, weather durability, high strength and waterproof ... The sheets have got the durability because PVA as a synthetic fiber, used as a reinforced fiber in cement sheets. Moreover, through the marketing activities in the market, it is found that PVA-C roof sheets have other suitable applications contributing to serve the customers.

Break load test of the PVA-C roof sheet

Surveying the houses were damaged by the storm or whirlwind, due to durable and flexible properties, PVA-C roof sheets were not broken into pieces and were thrown out far away that can make damages for people and other houses.

For industrial constructions, PVA-C roof sheets were stable on the whole structure of the roofs, especially when strong wind impact the roof structure that can cause cracks for roof. Also, due to durable properties, it is safe for construction workers who can avoid falling from high roofs by broken roof sheets.

As for schools that roof PVA-C sheets, it reduces the noise of the rain better than metal roofs. In Vietnam, the rainy season usually lasts almost half a year, using noise insulation PVA-C sheets are actually useful that help students hear clear the voice of their teachers.

Regarding the resorts in the coastal area, the investors can benefit by using colored PVA-C roof sheets which bring economic efficiency and aesthetic appearance for their houses.

Through the quality tests at the Technical Centre for Standards and Quality 3, the PVA-C roof sheets were conformed with Vietnam Standard for fiber cement corruagted sheets TCVN 4435-2000. PVA-C roof sheets have also tested at the lab of Kuraray Co. (Japan), Elkem (Norway) and the Vietnam Institute for Building Materials (IBM) in a mutual research program.

Followings are the PVA fiber dispersion images of NAVIFICO roof sheets made by KURARAY Lab





PVA-C roof sheets is a new product contributing to the product diversification of the company, while opening a new range of fiber cement roofings in Vietnam market which are durable, competitive price and environment friendly.